The School of Canine Science


Fear - Completed  

Nutrition & Behaviour - Completed 

Walking Equipment - Completed

30 Days of Canine Science - Ongoing

Scent For Six - Ongoing

The Behaviour Bible - Ongoing


Fenzi Dog Sports Academy


Walking with Reactive Dogs - Amy Cook, PhD

Navigating Nutrition for the Performance Dog - Dr. Jacqueline Boyd

Broken Connection: Why Your Dog Loses Focus - Nicole Wiebusch 

Shed Happens: An Introduction to Shed Antler Hunting Training - Erin Lynes

Mission Control: How to Train the High Drive Dog - Jane Ardern

Harness Your Hunter with Force-Free Predation Substitute Training- Simone Mueller


The School of Canine Science


How Smart Is Your Dog? Canine Cognition - Nando Brown

Seperation Anxiety - Jo-Rosie Haffenden

Online Conferences

The Lemonade Conference 2021

30th Annual CNCA for Scent Work & Professional Working Dog Teams

Aggression in Dogs Conference 2021  

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